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Former 100-meter world-record holder Asafa Powell, Jamaican teammate Sherone Simpson and their physical trainer were formally placed under criminal investigation for allegedly violating Italy's doping laws, police said yesterday.

The move came a day after Italian police confiscated unidentified substances in a raid on the hotel where the trio was staying in the northeastern town of Lignano Sabbiadoro after the athletes tested positive for banned stimulants.

The trainer is Christopher Xuereb of Canada.

Udine prosecutors believe the trio violated Article 9 of the doping laws, which calls for punishment for whoever administers or consumes banned substances.

Police were still analyzing the substances to determine if they were legal or not.

Being formally placed under investigation is a step up in the Italian justice system from someone simply "informed of the facts," which is how someone can be questioned by police. That occurred after the raid early Monday.

Both Powell and Simpson, who tested positive for the stimulant oxilofrine, train under coach Stephen Francis at the high-profile MVP Track and Field Club in Jamaica. In an interview on Jamaican radio station HITZ 92 on Monday, Francis blamed the positive tests on Xuereb.

"We are not disowning Asafa, we are just saying this relates to his personal employee. The trainer (Xuereb) has nothing to do with MVP," Francis said.

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